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July 29th Part 4: The Open Eye

“Guess ‘e de-bombed it…”  Gil said confused, when he became aware of the cat who had come back below, sighing.  Tepic looked at him concerned, “Feeling better?”

He nodded and Gil asked, “Did ye piddle?” Arnold blinked and looked up at the urchin.  He hadn’t thought of it quite like that but the analogy was…well it was accurate enough.  He nodded in any case to change the subject.

“Aye, ‘ope it was in the sea then, praps it got that rapter chasing me.”  Looking back at the now closed entrance he wished they had been that lucky.

“Yer want me ter open it then?”  Tepic asked, and then reached into his shirt and removed a small roll of cloth.  He crouched to examine the device as he began to work.

Gil admired the foxes tools, “I only got me old jimmy…”

“Hehe, Jimmy is alright, long as he aint had too much rum!”  Tepic replied and Gil giggled.  There was a click and Tepic shouted in triumph, “That’s got it!”  

The three gathered around to look at the strange contraption filled with small wires, tubes, antenna, and the battery.  

Tepic mused, “That’s like the bit I used in me ethics machine!”  While Gil noticed that it, “Looks like a radio antenner sorta…”  The cat agreed, “Maybe it was getting a signal to send…”

They mused for several minutes like this, trying to work out what they were looking at, and how and when it recharged.  Without Avariel, Kane, Lionheart, or anyone here who might actually know something about this they were lost.

“Wot if we turn the battry round the other way?”  Gil asked while using gestures.  “Makes motors go the other direction an’ all.  Maybe it’ll suck hip nosigns up?”

“I could play me flute into it, send out calming music…..”  Tepic offered, and Arnold wished he had some more information to offer.  He was as clueless as them about the device and how to make it do what they wanted.

“At least we know it’s probably a message being sent to it.” Arnold mused.  He wished Avariel would return. “Maybe we just have to send a counter message to them…”

“So there’s a … tower fing somewhere?”  Gil asked.  “Make it go the other way… Tepic plays ‘is flute in….wait…iffen there’s a fing wot knows where these are… it means they send out too…”

Arnold froze, as Tepic turned to Gil, “Yer don’t think they send out a signal when they is in trouble, do yer?

“Well… mister A said the bots broke that last one an’ the rapter came runnin’…”  All three of their ears perked as the brief sound of metal crunching could be heard above, and heavy metal steps could be heard pacing above…

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    • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold July 31, 2012

      ((Right now you’ll have to go back or check the wiki for current events.

      Later one of us might be making a wiki compiling this adventure under something like The Mentok Device.  There’s already one for the Bar Wars in the Tales section.))

      • G. Baroque G. Baroque August 1, 2012

        I freely admit to having a bais when collecting into the ‘Tales’ section. Sometimes I simply don’t connect enough to be able to do it.

        • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold August 1, 2012

          Understandable Mr. Baroque.  Maddox:  Yes, not everything makes it into the Tales section of the wiki, but even if it isn’t there the current events are all inclusive and have a month by month archive at the bottom. 

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