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July 22nd – A Second Attack (Part 3)

The cat shut the door behind him, and held it there while he locked it, then turned to the wall to look up, he needed to reach the roof, and there was a ladder which they had been using to reach the clock.  He climbed quickly, desperately.  He made it to the clock, clutching it with one hand, just as the raptors leapt across the gaps and knocked the ladder to the side.

Arnold’s feet dangled as the ladder beneath his feet tried to throw him off of the building as it broke apart.  He dug his claws in and reached up with his other hand and used the claws on his feet to get a grip in the gaps between the bricks to climb up the rest of the way.  

Metal clanged as it hit the building beside him, looking down he saw the raptors were trying to jump and bite him, falling to the ground below when they couldn’t get high enough.  The crew was throwing their equipment at him as well, and a hammer hit the wall just below him.

YOU CAN ALL CONSIDER YOURSELVES UNEMPLOYED!”  He shouted, wishing he actually owned the facility, then he could have done that a long time ago.  His heart raced as he scaled the building, and reached the clock face.  Frowning he noted several cans of paint…he wondered what they had intended to do with it before he realized they had been going to paint a raptor face on it.

Hissing, he kicked the paint cans down and onto the raptors and people below, while the watcher continued to follow him about, flapping it’s mechanical wings.  He looked at that thing as it said again, “By order of the raptor, the cat must die!  Bar-be-cue it!”

Arnold reached down to the last paint can and gripped the minute hand with one claw as he threw the can with all his might.

It tried to move out of the way, but the can hit it and cracked the lens, there was also some paint smeared across it as it shouted, “Visual sensor compromised!  Stability compromised!  Flight compromi-!”

Arnold ignored the breaking sound from below as he settled back along the side and started to scale the roof…wishing he had a second paint can to hurl at the second watcher that had arrived with the other pack.  His claws dug into the spaces between the bricks next to the clock face till he reached the shingles above.  Adrenaline fueled him, he had never dared climb a building like this before because he’d always feared with the bricks would give way and he’d fall to his death with his luck.

But he had to reach the working device and Kane had wanted it placed on the roof out of the way in case it did explode.  He reached the top and without stopping to catch his breath he ran to the wooden wall surrounding the device and opened it up.  Thankfully, Arnold had, in a fit, broken off pieces of the wall.  He couldn’t risk hitting the device, but he could and had been able to break off the rest of the balcony with a pick ax.  He simply hadn’t wanted to carry the whole thing to the roof at the birds request, and now there was only a few pieces of brick and concrete left.

He picked it up, and looked at it before tucking it under his arm, hissing when the door from the clock-room below burst open and a metallic raptor bounded onto the roof, and turned about looking for him.  

The watcher shouted, “Obey the raptor!  Stay there and wait to be slaughtered and then bar-be-cued in his name!”

Arnold twitched visibly and screamed, “I’D RATHER EAT PIE!!”  

He ran to the side of the roof as the raptor chased him down, the cat was encumbered by the added weight and having lost one arm for running.  He reached the wooden edge and leapt up landing on the top with his legs and hand, and then leapt down to keep going towards the edge.  The raptor just broke through it.

Arnold tensed and ran as fast as he could and reached the edge and jumped.  He dove towards where the canal met the Vernian with one paw forward, only realizing moments before he hit the water he’d just dived off of the roof while holding a bomb.

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  1. Mumsy Abigail Mumsy Abigail July 24, 2012

    Finally, a sensible assessment of the pie in this town. You should all be eating danishes.

    *smacks her lips*

    Good luck with that bomb, Cat.

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