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July 22nd – A Second Attack (Part 2)

Arnold didn’t have time for niceties as he came to his split decision, upturning a nearby couch over the professor to hide him he ran out of the room and locked that area behind him.  From the sound of things they were tearing the downstairs apart…to the sound of applause and adulation for the raptor or horse!  

Gritting his teeth, he went to the stairs and saw only one of the dinosaurs heading up the stairs.  He hissed at it and the new thing following the dinosaur, a clockwork with some kind of lens, but he paid it little mind until it let off a small alert as it saw him and shouted in a machines loud monotone, “Target acquired!  Cat in range!  Swarm!  Swarm!”

Arnold rushed towards the patient area as the heavy things tore apart the stairs in a mad scramble to fit through more than one at a time.  The small watcher was able to pursue him quickly, but he slammed the bars shut locking it on the other side and buying him a few seconds till the raptors made it here.

There was a high concentration of iron in this building, behind the brick, but the windows were ways out obviously for a dreamscape Heliotrope…unfortunately Arnold had to escape physically and there were still bars on all of these windows…except for the downstairs windows the raptors had broken through!  

But he didn’t actually want to get away yet.  He needed them all focused on him so they wouldn’t find the professor.  He took out the pieces of the broken device from his pockets and showed them to the clockwork, so it could have no doubt.  “Target acquired!  It has the pieces!”

The mad scramble to get up the stairs seemed doubled, and Arnold ran across the way to the stairs, but the work crew that had been working above were on their way down, the forewoman at the lead, rejoicing at the coming of the raptor.

Arnold’s face twitched as he tried to turn them around, shaking Beatrixe roughly, “Don’t cheer for them you idiots!  They’re going to kill us!

She didn’t seem to believe him, and the rest of them continued to make their way down.  If anything they looked at him with pity and were looking at the nearby straight jackets while sizing him up, before they decided to commit him he pushed his way up the stairs past the last of them as the small camera shouted, “Negative!  Those that herald the coming of the raptor shall be spared!  But by order of the raptor, glory to his name, the cat is to be Bar-be-cued!”

“Barbecue!” They cheered as they turned on Arnold who froze for a heartbeat on the steps as he stared down at the mob in horror as they shifted towards him.

HOW STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE!?!”  They started to rush him as he ran up the stairs, just as he heard the metal raptors crashing against the iron bars and breaking them down. Where was Jedburgh or someone with even an iota of common sense or will power when you needed them?!  Why did they have to employ the worlds stupidest construction workers!?  He reached the door to what had been the balcony and threw it open and ran outside, but there were other raptors running here now, another pack was running along the pipes and had locked onto him.

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