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July 16th – Raptor attack – Part 1 of 3

Arnold updated the Professor on the events of the past few days and ended with their current situation:  One destroyed device with hundreds of missing pieces and one new device that was also possibly armed with an explosive.  Both were placed within Dr. Maddox’s currently unused office.

Heliotrope examined the operating device and then moved over to the broken one and picked up the coil and some of the gears.  He seemed less than pleased, “It’s a focused resonant coil of… very odd manufacture.  Do you know what the M-Bots did to overload it?”

Bluntly, Arnold replied, “They hit it repeatedly to loosen it from the glue and wall.”   He pointed to the wall and the pick ax in the corner.  “That’s why we simply removed the wall for now to be safe.”

“Hrm, that figures,”  Heliotrope mused as he rubbed his chin in thought.  “A sledgehammer is how I defeated the doom clocks finally.”

Arnold nodded, “He might have been planning this for you.  This time.”

Heliotrope pondered this possibility for a few moments,  “He knows I would try to smash it.  But no, setting up one to be smashable is too obvious unless… Arnold… are you sure there aren’t any more of these around? I think this one could be a fake.”

Arnold shook his head, “I haven’t seen one.”  And if it had been a fake then why had they replaced it afterwards?  He added mentally.

Heliotrope continued to look at the chared remains of the device confused and doubtful, “Hrm, it can’t be…but there would be no way to power this device…”

Arnold nodded, “The explosion could have easily sent parts onto the roof, there were some wires but that might have belonged to the M Bots…I only gathered what I could.”

“Have some urchins scour the place, I want every piece we can find, robot or otherwise.”  Heliotrope stressed and Arnold agreed.  The horse went back to examining what they had to work with at the moment.  “The etching on the outside of the coil must produce the visual pattern… perhaps a needle like on a phonograph cylinder produces the hypnotics subconsciously…what’s happened with the patients?

“There was an odd change in some of them when the device exploded…they slept less restfully to say the least.”  Then again that might have had to do with the fact something exploded right outside.

Helio glowered, “That dinosaur is going to put me out of business.”

“So what do you suggest professor?” Machines like this were not the cats realm of expertise. “Find the missing pieces and then?”

“Reverse engineer,” Lionheart replied as he glanced at the broken device again.  “Hopefully literally. If we can get the coil going in reverse… we may have something to counteract the effects.”

Arnold was glad the professor sounded confident of their ability to do that, “I’ll look for every piece that might have survived.  But if nothing did…will we chance opening the working one?”

The horse thought about that for a moment, “Perhaps Mr. Qork can help on that-did you hear something?”

Arnold did hear a horrible sound of metal bending from outside, which must have been close because sound didn’t carry in or outside very well at all…but he knew why it had been when he saw the metalic raptor ripping off the bars to the window which it then crashed it’s head through.

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