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July 15th, 188X- Warning beacon

The map of New Babbage mounted on the wall of the Klaw tracked the status of the hypno receivers that were being placed throught the city.  Each light that steadily shone, signifying a device.  The one located in the Asylum, started flickering, before blinking out.   I had been overseeing the mecharaptors for Doctor Dino, when the burnt out light was brought to my attention. I took down the lattitude and longitude and hastly made my way as fast as I could waddle, to the wardrobe in the cargo hold. 

Knocking on the door, I heard the Raptor’s voice intone “Come in.”  and so I entered with the report.  I found Doctor Dinosaur in the dining room, apparantly having fired yet another biographer.  I waited paitiently as he stopped chewing, and passed the report as he reached out his claw.  “Thank you Agent Tux, let’s see…..”  He took a sip of coffee as I stood to attention.  He read the report and then spit, spraying the table with coffee, “WHAT! One of the devices is destroyed?  hopefully whoever did it is blown to glibs!  Send a mecharaptor to the Asylum immediatly! ”  He calmed down from his temper tantrum and took a breath. “it might not have been sabotauge, you’re right, Agent Tux, it likely was one of their schitzophrenics trying to chew the thing and setting off the security…Still, send a mecharaptor to investigate, equip it with a tesla-ray and a spare device if it was detonated.  Now, leave me to finish my meal.”  Having said no such thing about it not being sabotauge, I chose to say nothing, and nodded confirmation , heading off to find the Mecharaptor for the job. 

Metalraptor#27 was idling by the observation deck on the airship.  He would do.  I got my ladder, and climbing to chest level, opened the panel and turned the dials to program it for the mission, passing it a satchel with a replacement device.  As the automoton walked off the edge of the deck to plummet to the water below and make it’s way on it’s mission, I resumed my inventory of the armory.

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