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July 13th – Journal: Truths, Dinosaurs, and thoughts on the burned hosptial

Friday, July 13th  Some truths come out, others should stay buried perhaps

Things became complicated last night when me and Professor Lionheart visited Mondrago.  We had Erehwon take out her aetheric goggles, or whatever they are, and have a look at Dr. Maddox.  During that time it came to light that I hadn’t told Dr. Maddox everything.  I don’t like hiding the truth, but it is much easier for me to conceal things from Maddox than anyone else…I don’t know why but that is just how my mind works.  However when Erehwon and the Professor both questioned me I told them about the man with the pine hair speaking to me that one time I failed to mention, and that he might come for her child. 

They were all cross to say the least.

In any occasion they began to move and protect themselves, but it is a concern that can wait till the baby is born.  What was more immediately distressing was when Erehwon complained last night that she was dreaming of tap dancing dinosaurs coming to save Mondrago. 

I had told her about Dr. Dinosaur a few months ago, but only because I myself had heard of him through the professor.  I told her that there was a reason, and explained that when
she came to sell coffee to Victor and Mr. Harvey last month she must have gotten at least some of the effects from when she went into the Cocoa Java.

I don’t know how to help her or anyone else who is dreaming of him yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people all over the city have had similar dreams even if they aren’t showing any other symptoms.  The Professor said as much weeks ago.

At least we have reached an agreement with the clockworks and will be acting to remove the device this weekend.  Unfortunately, we may have been too late to save one victim.  The Wilde hospital has been burned down. 

It was most likely the Pennyfarthings Boys, I would not put it past them to do this just to spite everyone.  But because of the work crews irrational behaviors I’ve had to deal with… I can fully believe that those affected might have burned down the hospital in preparation for the coming of the raptor…since he would make everything better why would anyone need a hospital?! 

*The page had writing below, but it is horribly ripped and the entry continues on the back*

The worst part of this is that I can remember hearing Mr. Harvey talk once as if he himself was under the raptors influence a few weeks ago.  There is a device on the Cocoa Java and near the hospital so he has been heavily exposed.

…I hope for his sake that if he played any part in burning down his own hospital in that autonomic state the professor mentioned that he never remembers.  It was certainty a big enough shock to awaken him…

In the end though, it doesn’t matter if Mr. Harvey didn’t burn down his life’s work, or if the people of the raptor didn’t either, and it was all the Pennyfarthings.  That it could have been something the dinosaur might have ordered or caused is enough for me.  We’re going to remove these devices and then take care of this dinosaur problem.

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  1. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire July 14, 2012

    You had better start talking, cat. You are one of my dearest friends, but I *will* find out, one way or another. And I prefer not to hear it secondhand from my husband. If I have to, I will.

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