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Journal of Dr. Dinosaur: Ice Age, Damn Mammals!!!

The whole town is covered in freezing white ice shavings!!! those filthy mammals have brought the Ice Age back again!


I was huddling in my coat, trying to find this “Helen’s grave” when some mammalian couple had the gual to smile and tell me merry christmas?!  it must be some mammal term for “Freezeyourtailoffanddie-mas!  the traditional Raptor holiday when we would send the oldest in the pack to hick up Mt. Frozendeath before they slowed us down.  aaahhhh memories….I’m sure the mammals do something insipid like trade presents instead though.

As it became colder, I’ve left my time egg less and less, fortunatly it’s much larger on the inside, and has a nice roaring fire in the cave inside.

I must work out how to prevent this new ice age from occuring.  I fortunatly found a book written on weather patterns, it took awhile to translate the disgusting mammal lamguage to something half legible, but with some parts and elbow grease, I may be able to build…..a weather machine, and bring back a nice balmy temperature!!!

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