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Journal entry January 25th 188x(+7)

Continued pursuit of Indeterminate Subject from original location of laager into forest.

IS-1 (reclassify as Pursuit Target 1) ran into forested area to evade contact. Target used a number of deceptions to break contact. Maintained visual contact during initial pursuit. Track generally trended to the NE. Track did not loop, but did make several radical turns along the median line of travel.

Target used speed, and a combination of parkour and gymnastics in an attempt to elude and evade pursuit. Target crossed creek gully and during crossing in pursuit the bank gave way. Fell into gulley, undamaged. Lost acquisition once footing regained.

Followed tracks into heavily wooded area. Initially unable to locate target. Target dropped out of a concealed position in tree and used a combination of weight and a garrote to attack.

Tactical situation: Ambush.

Threat response: Defensive posture, followed by retaliatory strikes.

Note: This is the same mechanism based on extant injuries as were displayed on Victim: Blackrain, Robert, per the autopsy report. Target put taloned feet onto the upper back in the scapular region, and passed the garrote to the front. Target then exerted force by using legs as additional leverage.

Advised target that he was wanted by the authorities in New Babbage. Target was confused as to the lack of efficacy of initial attack. Advised target to comply with instructions to return to city. Target continued to apply force on garrote. Deployed fingerblade and severed cordage.

Target made several expositional statements as to my origin. Stated that was irrelevant, and repeated request for compliance. Target verbally refused to comply.

Target attacked with combination of six advancing roundhouse kicks. Evaded and gave ground. Repeated request for compliance. Target made hostile statements.

Target advanced, attacked with front kick and rapid punch series. Shinblocked kicks, parried four of six punches. Strikes landed in unit upper chest, no damage.

Target attempted hiptoss. Weight was apparently greater than expected. Countered with palm strike to sternum, knife hand to clavicle. Target stunned, left arm rendered 75% effective.

Target attacked with leaping attack with intent to take off feet. Talons struck upper chest and left arm. Attack effective, landing on back 2.6 meters NNE from original location.

Target attacked with talon sweep to face. Trapped ankle, hammerfist to medial knee. Leg incapacitated.

Target attacked with short bladed knife, overhand strike. Attack successful, blade imbedded in right upper chest, no significant damage. Countered with straight punch to trachea.

Target collapsed. Made incomplete statement prior to expiry.

Removed skull as proof of contract fulfillment. Buried remains in woods. Began return trip to New Babbage.

*Audio Transcript*
PT1: *grunts*
Lottie: Please stop.
PT1: You gonna beg for mercy now sai? You gonna pay with your life for chasing old Kelfu now.
Lottie: You are wanted in connection with the murder of Robert Blackrain in the City-state of New Babbage.
PT1: *grunts* What kinda thing are you? I can’t see your mind…*grunts* You need to die now.
Lottie: You need to stop. You must return to New Babbage. You are wanted in connection with the murder of Robert Blackrain.
*indeterminate noise*
PT1: Where you from now sai? Hmm? You got no soul…
Lottie: What I am is not relevant. I am taking you back to New Babbage. Please come along quietly and do not resist.
PT1: You must be some kind of golem, a draug come from the other side…and you ain’t taking me back. You gonna get send back where you came from, draug.
*scratching sounds, impacts, grunts*
Lottie: Stop resisting and come along peacefully.
PT1: Faugh! Gonna kill you bitch-devil!
Lottie: You will make me use stronger measures if you do not comply with my request.
PT1: {screams, unintelligible}
*sounds of scuffle, impacts*
*sounds of additional impact*
PT1: Aaaaaeeeeei!
*audible crack*
*sounds of fighting*
PT1: {gurgles, unintelligible}
*Transcript ends*

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse February 15, 2013

    He had it coming with his ‘bitch-devil‘ comment.

  2. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold February 15, 2013

    Arnold looked at the wanted posters for Kalfoo in the city sometimes, trying to remember him like many others.  What he did remember of him wasn’t unpleasant.  From what he could remember he had seemed nice.  He hoped that he was well, or at the least alive, if imprisoned.

  3. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell February 16, 2013

    All I want to know is are you the last of your kind Lottie? Thoroughly impressive.

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