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Journal entry January 24th 188x(+7)

Withdrew from observation point prior to dawn. Moved to a position that afforded a less optimal observation field but gave additional concealment. Waited until period closer to civil dawn before beginning approach to laager.

Approached laager along roadway. Female ID1 watched approach and gave verbal warning within 4 meters of rearmost trailer. Made accusation of supernatural origin. This was refuted to no effect. Verbal warning by female caused hostile reaction from 2 of the local males within laager. Advised female that no harm was intended. Males moved forward in aggressive posture.

Tactical situation: Defensive response to perceived intrusion.

Threat response: Defensive. Continued to repeat statement of intent to not harm subjects in laager.

Male (ID2) armed with hand finished quarterstaff.
Male (ID3) armed with conventional saber.
Male ID2 moved to engage with circular strikes to knees and head. Executed forearm block and trap, followed by palm strike to central section of staff. Staff broken.
Male ID3 moved to cover withdrawal of ID2, attacked with moulinet strike combination aimed at temples. Used evasion retreat combination.
Male ID3 made rapid move forward to close striking distance. Used trip followed by hip toss. Attacker stunned momentarily, disarmed by tossing saber aside.

Restated intention of non-aggression. Female restated perception of supernatural origins.

Indeterminate subject appeared, then fled laager on foot into forest trending to NE. Continued pursuit after apology to Female 1.

Audio Transcript:
Lottie: Hello ma’am.
Female 1: [inaudible, followed by scream] Demon! You have no spirit!
Lottie: Ma’am, I am not a demon. I would like to ask…
Female 1: Arkam! A demon! From the woods!
[Shuffle of footsteps and muffled shouting]
Male 1: Back! Away from my family hellspawn!
Lottie: Sir I mean you no harm. I need to ask you a…
[Gutteral noises, indeterminate]
Lottie: Sir, please back away. If you attack me I will be forced to defend myself.
Male 1: Ayaaaaaaa!
[Wood breaking]
Male 2: Father!
Lottie: Back away! I do not wish to harm you. Back away!
[Swinging sounds]
Male 2: [Gutteral sound on striking ground]
Female 1: Demon! Hellspawn! Succubus!
Lottie: I do not wish to harm you ma’am, I need…
[Sound of rapid footsteps]
Lottie: Pardon me for any inconvenience. I am following that subject, who is wanted in the City-state of New Babbage. Safe travels ma’am.
*Audio Ends*

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