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Journal entry January 23rd 188x(+7)

Walked along roadway until past nautical twilight local time. Made considerable progress on distance running under cover of darkness. Was forced to seek cover due to sudden proximity of other travelers. Utilized overhead cover to great effect.

Tactical note: Petrochemical or animal fat powered lighting cannot typically be aimed at an angle greater than 45 degrees above the horizon. Common untrained civilians in this area do not routinely look above the 45 degree azimuth, or overhead.

Continued on road following a track along the NW/NNW line from departure point. Topography of rolling hills transitioning to evergreen forest.
Intercepted wagons on roadway at 2247 hours. Wagons had laagered for the night in a small clearing to W of roadway. Observed 8 subjects around fire in center of laager. 3 female adults, 4 male adults, and one subject of indeterminate gender.

Indeterminate subject clothed in hooded cloak. Potential for suspect exists as no features could be distinguished due to clothing. Added information that other determinate subjects maintained distance from IS around fire. Body language analysis tends to support idea that IS is not a member of core group.

Picked observation point outside of illumination distance. Used cloak to create concealment. Female (index as ID1) appeared agitated, and made frequent and lengthy observations into surrounding woods. Audio resolution indicated that ambient noise level was not breached by unit. Female continued observations until dawn.

Tactical analysis indicates approach during daylight. All approaches show heightened threat index. Will opt for soft approach as fellow traveler making route inquiry.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg February 7, 2013

    Junie sat on the bar, swinging her legs idly as Emerson tapped his pencil against the newspaper.

    “What’s an eight letter word, starting with ‘b,’ clue is ‘streaming sound?'” he asked.

    She thought about it.  “Blabbing,” she said with conviction. “Like a ‘blabbing brook.'”

    He scribbled.

    “What do you think Lottie is up to these days?” Junie asked.

    “Hmmm…” he answered, unhearing as he focused intently on solving the vertical. “Five letters , starts with ‘n’…’silent but deadly’…”

    Junie looked up at the ceiling, ruminating on her own question. “I’ll bet she’s making lots of friends.”

    • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse February 8, 2013

      Silent but deadly is a great clue,” said Emerson, “but hang me if I can’t figure out the answer… five-letters starts with ‘N‘. Maybe the eight-letter word was blabbery  rather than blabbing then the vertical could be reeky.”

      “I like the word blabbery.” Junie laughed. “But I wouldn’t say reeky is necessarily deadly.” 

      Emerson continued to tap his pencil on the bar. 

      “You know who is good at crosswords?” he asked and answered his own question. “Lottie. She’s got some freaky knowledge for this stuff.” Emerson looked around then added, “Hey, where has she been anyway?”

    • Petharic Petharic February 8, 2013

      *Petharic rolls his eyes*

      Lighthouse wouldn’t recognize a clue if she dropped out of a tree behind him.

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