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Journal entry January 22nd 188x(+7)

Began return trip to New Babbage. Opted for a grid search of area proximate to Ravila. With new information that Wanted subject is no longer allowed in city, and given the nature of city security, it is a high likelihood outcome that subject is nearby but not within city limits.
Data from ingress route indicated a transient camp in near vicinity of agricultural area located in valley ENE of city. Arrived in former campsite at 1307 local time.

Camp unoccupied, and indicated vehicular displacement along road heading NNW from present location. Site survey and analysis of combustible material in firepit would indicate that displacement of camp was recent, and given state of area displacement was hasty.

Tracks indicate at least 3 laden wagons pulled by dissimilarly shod draft animals, and 5 to six subjects on foot. Tactical decision based on situation: will use speed at night to optimize concealment and to gain distance on wagons. Will return to walking pace during daylight when unassisted observation will be more likely.

Modified and tuned confiscated crossbow. Fired test shots to record quarrel ballistic data and calibrate targeting system.

Local time check indicated this was the completion point for baked pastries at Gangplank. Will need to ask if Miss Junie had her potholders or used towel to remove pies from oven. Probability indicated potholders are most likely on sideboard near liquor cabinet.

Began walking on road following wagons.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg January 28, 2013


    *slips her hands into a bucket of ice water*

  2. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell January 29, 2013

    Boy that Lottie is thorough isn’t she? *entranced and impressed

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