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Journal entry January 20th 188x(+7)

Forest vegetation is beginning to thin in predictable patterns as to indicate regular habitation. Based on previous map information, destination should be close.

At 1149 hours local time, encountered unforeseen complication in travel. Road deviates at a junction above large valley. On-site analysis indicates that SW road around upper rim of valley should be more expeditious to travel. Road to SE leads into valley and could present a longer route, but observation indicates the presence of several wagons used for transient shelter (see ref:”Vardo”).

At 1151 while finalizing route assessment, unit came under attack by use of bow/crossbow. Threat sensor was unable to initialize full evasive to avoid impact.
Projectile 1 struck back on left side, mid-scapular region. Penetrated exterior but did not strike vital systems. Damage can be autrorepaired, was unable to remove projectile until after engagement.
Projectile 2 struck left rear of cranium, on a line 45 degrees left of forward centerline. Penetrated exterior, struck cranial case. Cranial armor was undamaged; exterior can be autorepaired over travel period.

Tactical situation: Ambush
Threat response: Subterfuge. Currently unequipped with ranged weapon. Fell to ground, and deployed right arm blades. Attacker closed to contact, and approached open handed.
Struck attacker mid-calf, right leg, lateral sweep. Boot armored, attack, no damage.
Attacker drew sword, advanced and attacked with point thrust. Parry, advised attacker to stop.
Attacker advanced, attacked with point thrust. Parry, gave final warning.
Attacker executed hilt thrust followed by overhand strike. Left hand palm strike to attacker right forearm, lateral blade-strike to attacker left elbow. Attacker arm below strike severed.
Left hand strike to brachial plexus. Attacker stunned. Cauterized left arm. Broke sword, confiscated crossbow and quarrels. Advised attacker to see medical attention.

Continued travel, and arrived at city gate at local nautical twilight. Guard stated there would be no further admittance today. Also stated quarrel was protruding from back. Located shelter and conducted threat environment powerdown.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg January 22, 2013

    That’s our girl Lottie right there, demonstrating the finer points of diplomatic etiquette.

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