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Journal entry January 17th 188x(+7)

Crossed Eisen River northwest of Iron Bay at location called ‘Trader’s Ferry’. Unable to get a sufficient answer from local subjects as to which route is best. Map data is not wholly reliable. Will make route decision by terrain analysis in situ.

Information indicates slight trend as to liability of solo travel as unescorted female. Liability offset has proven to be in the inherent nature of non-biologic cybernetic organisms. Subjects with dishonest intentions have offered foodstuffs, shelter, companionship, transportation, general assistance, and promises of monetary remuneration. Calculated intent has been robbery, assault (both with and without sexual motive), solicitation for sexual acts, kidnapping, and other crimes against the order of society.

Example: Location WSW of ‘Boar’s Tusk public house, 152 kilometers from New Babbage. Male subject made several inquiries as to destination and various items of personal information. Subject followed on horseback for 2.23 hours.

UMS: Hello little lady.
Lottie: Good evening sir.
UMS: You are certainly far from home, and all by yourself I see.
Lottie: I am travelling, and currently do not require any additional assistance.
UMS: Oh but this road is full of bad men who might take advantage of a sweet little thing like you.
Lottie: That is unlikely. Excuse me, I need to keep walking.
[UMS blocked path with horse]
UMS: You need hold on, and talk to me. This is a very dangerous place to be, and someone might take you off and have their way with you.
Lottie: Again, an unlikely outcome.
UMS: [laughs] What are you going to do? You’re just a wee slip of a girl…
[UMS places right hand on butt of pistol carried crossdraw on belt]
[Walks away. UMS audio unable to be transcribed]

Snow is thinning. Temperature has risen, but still within winter average. Road is gravel composite. Surrounding vegetation is transitioning to forestland. No discernible population centers at present.

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  1. Mr Underby Mr Underby January 17, 2013

    This is proving most amusing.

  2. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg January 17, 2013

    Lottie’s walking the earth, oh yes she is!

    • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 17, 2013

      I wonder if she will remember to send a postcard.

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