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Journal entry ending May 14th 188x(+7)

Observed Miss Njal in Muirsheen Durkin after completing startup. Was told that we would have a “girl’s night out”. Went shopping with her direction.

Relocated to Gangplank. Miss Njal made several suggestions so as to improve socialization skills. Had lengthy conversation in re: “girl talk”.

Discussed current situation with Mr Malus. Was advised to find another subject.

-Advised that current selection of skirts are too long

-Told to keep knees locked when bending to pick up things dropped on floor

-Shown proper method of serving drinks or as to improve sales. Requires appropriate clothing.

-Need to acquire proper corsetry so as to ‘show the goods’

-Was given proper tavern language exemplars

Miss Njal said that improvement was noticed. Will show Miss Junie on her return.

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