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Journal Entry – A New Year

*sits down at writing desk and is about to write down the date but stops.

*runs out into the street to check theres no urchins running over to deliver anything.

*powers down the landing area so no timelords land in the hotel.

*checks the roof, rooms and back of the hotel to make sure no one is about to disturb him.

*locks the hotel’s front door, back door and side door.

*sits back down at his desk and chuckles…

“This time…I might actually be able to write the dang year down without any interuptions…”

*picks up pen and starts writing…


Journal Entry – January the 2nd, 188…*hears a strange tearing sound and looks up as a large swathe of the newly hung wallpaper falls ontop of the desk*


So Journal, a new year.  The weather is still bitterly cold outside, much more colder than normal.  Icicles that have formed on the eaves of the hotels roof are about 20cm longer than they was last year and the snow is still ankle to waist deep in some areas.

Uncle McAndrews sent another letter a few weeks ago just before christmas informing me that the Royal Met Office in London has issued a blanket warning for vast areas of northern europe for the next two to three months.  They are saying that this “Big Freeze” will continue on at least until late February going into early March!  A freak co-incidence of the sub pacific and atlantic Jet Streams shifting father down south to the middle of the european continent means that the northern end of europe will continue to get snow and cold weather into what should be early spring…not that it matter much here in this city, the plant life here doesnt last that long even without the freezing cold weather.

Christmas has come and gone.  The first major holiday party in the Hotel was well received by everyone, finally the place is being used for social gatherings, i must find the time to arrange more…maybe another one of those pool partys this month…hmmm.

As for the rest of the city, well, things seem quiet.  The problems with the urchin chasing ‘beest’ seems to have been solved and so far theres no major catastrophe…so far.

The hotel itself received a new set of wallpaper inside to freshen the place up, although it seems the workmen didnt apply enough adhesive to keep some of the wallpaper actually on the wall…yet another job to list on the ever increasing do-to list of the properties i own.

Anyway, thats it for now…hopefully this year will be a quiet one without any major incidents…

…heck, who am I kidding, this is New Babbage…

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  1. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower January 2, 2011

    *sneaks in through half-dug tunnel and pilfers pastries*

    Iz good to have friends in New Babbage!


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