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Liberty Hall & Johannastiege

It was the look. The look. Tenk merely had to stare in my direction and suddenly, that once empty and tricky plot at the southeast corner of Academy was mine. Previously occupied by windmills and stately townhouses on a hill overlooking the port, Mureaux Park, and the Academy of Industry, it was a good location and perfectly within ‘my side’ of town.

The steps were loosely based on the Strudelhofstiege in Vienna, a beautiful set of steps built in fin-de-seacle secessionism style. They also happen to be around the corner from where my grandmother grew up and where my grandfather lived when he was studying at Technical Universitat Wien for electrical engineering. Named after my great-grandmother Johanna, the Johannastiege was built in memory of my grandfather who passed away over a month ago from a brain tumor. He was a great engineer recruited by the US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory where he worked in the field of penetration mechanics and penetration resistance. I hope that anyone who finds inspiration from these steps will be blessed with an engineer’s dedication, attention to detail and curiosity.

Liberty Hall was the obvious complement to the Johannasteige and the likely home of the New Babbage Ladies’ Liberty League, a group that I hope, while maintains it’s love of pies and distaste of bustles, becomes something much more encompassing. Whether a forum for women to discuss important issues facing the city, a venue for events both education and entertaining, or simply a haven for the all citizens of this city, I hope that Liberty Hall and the LLL evolve into something beneficial. Explore, have fun, and be continually creating.

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  1. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse June 14, 2011

    Looks very nice so far. Impressive work as always.


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