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Job opening

Posting up help wanted ads was as good an excuse as any for Vartanian to get some air and clear his head. The ruckus with Moundshroud wrestling out from his cell and projectiling a squid from his eye socket onto Mr. Fade had been as good of motivation as ever for the professor to finally make out the advert. He really needed an orderly to help him out on the third floor, and it would have been nice to have had an extra maid on hand to clean up the bloody mess Moundshroud’s gouged out eyes had made.


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  1. Felisa Fargazer Felisa Fargazer November 7, 2013

    Several hours later, Lisa saw the poster up by the front gate.  She’d not been able to read much the past few months, so her ability had diminished some (though not as much as her math learning).  But she was able to sound out enough of it to know that she could now bring Lo’s letter into play.  She retrieved it from its hiding spot, slipping it into her apron pocket, and simply waited for the right time–a time when Mr. Canergak was out, and Professor Vartanian was busy upstairs dealing with Moundshroud.  It took only a minute to slip into his office and deposit the letter on his desk.  If she was asked about it later, she could simply say that a girl had come to the door asking about the job opening and, on being informed that those in charge were busy, the girl had asked if she could write and leave the letter.  It was all true enough… mostly.

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