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-Jekyll Writes- New Town, New Life

     -From the private journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll-

22nd of February, 18xx

Finally, I have purchased a proper journal to record my thoughts. In the event of my untimely death or dissapearance, I hope this book will be found by someone sympathetic to my troubles. I don’t plan on such a tragedy occuring, but with my condition I may never know.

I have been in New Babbage for about a week now. It’s a rather strange, yet charming place. I have met many different people while I strolled through town trying to get myself oriented, mainly urchins and some half animals who call themselves the Moreau (Named after the Moreau experiments.) They have informed me that there are quite a few doctors living here, which is a blessing of sorts. I always have found it easier to work in the presence of like-minded individuals. There was also talk of the many strange things that have happened in the past, E.g. The Old Ones being summoned to attack the town. The locals say New Babbage is “Mostly Safe.” I find the phrase ironic, considering my physical and mental state.

I’ve been hearing Hyde’s gravely voice in my head again. He interrupted my thoughts while I was trying to talk to a little girl at the Blackberry Cafe, and the very next day, there was a spontaneous transformation at the Wax Museum. Fortunately, I reversed that transformation in a timely manner and have not suffered any more the rest of the week. I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen again before I get settled again.

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