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-Jekyll Writes- Moldylocks and the Three… Er…

-From the private journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll-

September 4th, 188x  

2:45 PM

I am beginning to wonder what goes on in the mind of Miss Moldylocks. She has placed some sort of carnival ride in front of her office building. Wherever she found the thing, I will never know, but she said it was for the benefit of her patients.

The thing is vastly different from her previous methods. I have seen her use electroshock therapy, ice baths, and submergence in a tank of oxygenated liquid as means of healing, but a carnival ride? How on earth is this supposed to help anyone’s mental health?

10:56 PM

For the past hour, the patients and staff have been complaining of an intolerable amount of light and noise coming from Moldylocks’ building next door. Having taken care of the immediate workload, I have just gotten the chance to see what all the ruckus is about. Honestly, if it has anything to do with that new contraption she has

11: 29 PM

Good lord.

It seems two disturbed inmates had escaped from the Murgam Asylum to mess with the carnival ride. I don’t know how it happened, but by the time I got to Moldylocks’ establishment, the entire building was in flames.

Luckily, Moldylocks was out on errands when the fire started, and both the fire brigade and the asylum staff were notified before anything else caught fire. However, it was too late to save her building, which happened one of the old factories refurbished. It was a horrible tragedy, but at least everyone is still alive.

September 6th, 188x

I was speaking with Professor Vartanian from the asylum after an incident concerning a Miss Snow Clawtooth when a particular subject came up. At some point, we got on the topic of  universities when Prof. V. brought up his experiences at the Miskatonic University in America. Strange, I thought, that’s the same university Miss Moldylocks claims to have attended. I took it upon myself later that day to look into her medical records, only to make a disturbing discovery.

Indeed, she did attend Miskatonic, earning a PhD in psychology and specializing in brain research, but it turns out that her medical license had been suspended. It seems she lost it due to alleged malpractice. I am somehow not too surprised by this, but I’m concerned about her operating without a license.

I have spoken to Moldylocks about the issue and recommended that she try some other line of work until she is legally able to resume medical treatment. She was a it reluctant, but she told me she had a back up plan of sorts; She’s going to start a bakery/exterminator business on the plot of land her old psychiatrist office was. I’m still not sure what to make of this…

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  1. Lady Moldylocks Lady Moldylocks September 11, 2015

    My dear Dr. Jekyll,

    I believe there has been a misunderstanding of sorts on a couple of issues.  While I had indeed purchased the carnival ride as a form of therapuetic treatment (based on the research of Marcus Jilton, England – fascinating study, you should enjoy it), the ride had been placed on my front lawn only temporarily by the delivery men, who were meant to install it on my office rooftop the following day.  I was away from the office for a time, and unaware the lights were stimulating some of the inmates.  I am heartbroken and sickened by the fire and loss of my beloved factory-office-home.  I have been attempting to file an insurance claim for my damages, including some very expensive lab equipment, but have not been able to locate the insurance agent.  The attorney also seems absent.  There will be an investigation, I’m sure, before any claims can be paid out.  Until then, I think the prudent course would be to refrain from jumping to conclusions as to who started the fire, or why, or how.  I have my own suspicions but will keep them to myself for the time being.   

    Fortunately, the ride was saved from the fire and is now on the rooftop of the new building I recently had constructed on my property.

    As to the medical license issue, I have made no secret at every opportunity that the status is ‘suspended.’  According to the governing authority, I was allowed to offer limited services.  I should have a decision regarding the final disposition (either remand to full licensure or ultimate revocation) within a short time.  Until then, I have been keeping busy with opening a new venture at that location.  I hope to invite you to the grand opening! 

    If you can assist me in locating the insurance agent or the attorney, I would be most appreciative.  Until then, I remain,

    Sincerely yours,

    J. Moldylocks


  2. David Littman David Littman September 11, 2015

    Miss Moldylocks,

    I’m sorry to hear about the destruction of your office. If you still need an attorney, I am available. I even have the right jurisdiction since I graduated from Miskatonic as well!





    P.S. Does this mean you’ll be using more stadard recipes for your absinthe cocktails?

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