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Jan 4. – New Year, New Reflections?

((Yay! I can finally post!))

Lisa heard about the party at the Gangplank, and since she wasn’t working that night, she thought it would be worth the exercise to trek across the city and have some fun.  And it certainly was – the music was quite enjoyable, leading her to dance a few times, and she liked listening to the conversations around her. Especially once Mr. Lighthouse arrived – she had to hide her smiles behind her glass several times at the byplay between him and his staff or his friends.

When she was ready to leave, Beryl offered to accompany her home.  Lisa wondered if Beryl thought she might be drunk from the ale she’d had.  *She* knew she wasn’t; she felt pleasantly warm, but otherwise alert enough.  Still, the company would be nice.

Or so she thought until Beryl started teasing her.  “How many times did you get a good look at our dear bartenders, I wonder?” she asked, giggling.  “Me sitting out there ice cold in the snow and you’re gazing back like you want to beg for another drink.”  Lisa looked at Beryl, confused by her words. Thankfully, the conversation quickly turned to her living situation.  Lisa had been staying at the hospital, sleeping in whatever room was empty. Beryl was mildly disapproving, pointing out that hospital was not a home.  As they walked through the dark streets back to the hospital, Beryl suggested that they talk to Captain Hienrichs tomorrow to see if she’d be willing to rent a room to Lisa.

Later, as Lisa settled into an empty room, her thoughts returned to Beryl’s teasing.  What had she meant by it? Lisa reflected on the party, and realized that her attention had been taken up quite a bit by the young bartender, Milo.  But she’d just been appreciative of his skills in handling the bottles and glasses – he’d certainly put on quite a show for them all. And he seemed… quite nice.  Certainly nicer than the other young man, Malus – who sneered so much, Lisa was surprised his face hadn’t yet frozen into that expression.

‘But that’s certainly all there is to it,’ she thought with a shrug and a decisive nod. She curled up on the bed, drawing the blanket over her, and was quickly asleep.

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