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Jan. 12 — No Time to Catch My Breath

First, Mariah and I were occupied with moving into the new house–deciding which pieces to keep and which to store, sell, or give away, then arranging the agreed-upon furniture, setting daily routines. And just when we’d settled in with that, it was time to go to my parents’ home for the holidays.

After a most enjoyable–and mostly relaxing–stay with them, we returned home. Just in time for me to discover that Baron Wulfenbach and his staff are organizing a weekend of winter fun and games throughout the Steamlands. Unfortunately, I missed the early meetings, so there’s not a great deal for me to be able to contribute. But I did say I’d do my part to spread the word about it all, and also volunteered my services as an event photographer.

There’s certainly a good deal planned! Balls–yes, plural–both opening and closing. A snowball fight. Build contests. Ice skating. And much more. I certainly hope it goes smoothly, and that people come, as it should be truly an amazing time!

In other news, Dr. Obolensky is still insisting that his observatory is a sovereign nation. He’s even sold his property in Port Babbage, apparently to consolidate his holdings on the island. Clockwinder Tenk and Maceholder Cleanslate see to have accepted this state of affairs…which certainly makes it even more difficult to keep an eye on him and his plans. It’s one thing to sneak into a property in the same city in which one lives. It’s quite another to slip into another nation.

On the other hand, if he tries anything against New Babbage, we can declare war on him…

Definitely an intruiging thought.

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