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Its the Bottom of The Hour and here Now is YOUR NEWS for THis evening July 1st

  • Greetings New Babbage
  • It is July 1st !!
  • Happy Respected Holiday weekends to all !!
  • I am posting Once again On Relay For Life of Second Life …
  • this is the last leg so to speak ..
  • This is when it all counts ..
  • The Builders are busy at work .. creating Master pieces to show case for all !!
  1. We are at 766,666.00 lindens in world
  2. Our Grand 2011 Season at the moment total is $904,166 lindens ..
  3. That is 3617.00 US grade cash .. WOW .. we are 383.00 from $4000.00
  • ** Can New Babbage Make Sapphire Status??? can we do It ??
    I think we can .. Miss Leia clicked her *brand new wicked cool * shoes You know .. *smiles*
  • Example Last Weekend ..We raised over 150 thousand Lindens .. WoW !!
  • Now We are all gifted by two fine outstanding (( out of their minds)) Wonderful Community Members that have agreed to put on a Most Special Show for all this evening ..
  • Please Understand and respect the fun and good behind this endeavor ..
  1. They are willing to do it !
  2.  They are donating their time , effort, reputations and voices for Charity !!
  3.  It is the first of it’s kind for New Babbage perhaps all the Steamlands ..
  • that alone is something to be proud of and in no way a small task .. nor short Order .
  • So Please lets all join in together in  supporting Victor and Edward and The Cause
  • Tonight In The Spectacular Port Babbage Pub (( Thank YOU Miss Tesla ))

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