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it’s the small things in life

Omig passed through the warehouse doors, and walked up to the office where his boss looked up at him”and hows dear johnny?’she asked

the wolf pored himself a brandy “enjoyin the novelty of pointing at the back of his hand but other than that,he got the message and will spread it to others”

violet prepared herself another Absinthe and leaned back in her chair as the water trickled into her glass “good no reason not to keep going with business as usual, even with the Militia bumbling about.”

 Omig watched her turn off the spigot, and lift her glass ‘ so i was thinking”. violet snickered “how novel, so what were you thinking pray tell?”

Omig continued un phased “the urchins mam when do we start leaning on them?”

the rabbit spun in her chair” are you mad?,no wait don’t answer that, i already know, no i have no intention whatsoever of leaning on them,”

the canine Moreau scratched his chin” why not? they have the best organized spying, and information setup in the city”

Violet shook her head ” you really don’t understand do you? well its because they’re children”

omig looked at his boss amazed”never known you to get all kind and caring over a bunch of street brats”

violet stared into the milky green of her Absinthe” its not kindness or caring at all, but more a respect that borders on fear,

“adults you can lean on till they break, but a child that lives on the street?they are stronger than any adult , they have to be to survive,”

“no, pressure them and they’ll turn on us like the rabid little rats they are,but if we keep them neutral ,buy they’re information, or help and they will be happy to lend a hand ,”

“just as long as moneys to be had the urchins are are dearest friends, but win their animosity , and they’ll be at Hienrichs back quick as a wink”

“well mam” omig replied” you’ve leaned on urchins before in other places”

Violet nodded” yes but the urchins here are different, more organized, more powerful, and im sure its because they don’t have a Fagin, theres no adult to keep them under his or her thumb from early on, keep them pliable, keep them afraid, and because they’re not afraid of adults they go up against them with all the fearlessness of children at play,”

“no omig against that we’d lose, so no, leave them alone, curry favor with them, give them gifts and buy their friendship”

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