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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (Dark Aether)

Scottie and Sky sat on the mantle at ‘Cuffs, the small bar was packed and the tension was thick. The patrons mumbled and grumbled, some unable to leave the city, others choosing to stay for various reasons.

Scottie harrumphed and hopped down from the mantle, “Look, folks, I know it seems like the end of the world. But we’re Babbagers, dammit! When is the world not coming to an end?”

Some in the crowd laughed, others shouted, “That’s right!” Sky grinned and hopped down beside her husband, “We’ve survived worse, and we’ll be around long after to survive more!”

Fists shot into the air and cries of “Hell yeah!” rung out. Their spirits lifting, Scottie wrapped his arm around Sky and raised his glass, “And if we go out, we’ll go out drunk and fighting!”

This got a few responses and raised glasses, but the thought of ‘going out’ seemed to bring the mood down. Sky was quick to recover the sentiment, “And drinks are on the house!”

The folks in the crowd roared out their approval and raised their glasses high, cheering as they began to swarm the kegs and top themselves off. A few rough shoves and two fellows began duking it out. Scottie chuckled and leaned in close to Sky, whispering, “Is the ship ready?”

Sky smiled as the small fight erupted into an all-out brawl, nodding, “We’re as prepared as can be.”

Scottie hurried her to the side as a man was flung against the fireplace, “I’m going to scout the city for a bit. Watch this lot for a bit and then go get the engines ready. And if I’m not back in time…”

She looked at him in horror. His eyes went wide at the look and quickly added, “…wait! Wait for me! Don’t go anywhere until I get back!”

Sky looked visibly relieved and smiled, kissing his cheek, “Don’t make me a widow!”

Scottie chuckled, shaking his head as he pulled away from her and headed out the door, “Not a chance, sweetheart!”


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