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It’s another Ice Age?!!

Seriously, how can you all live like this??!!

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  1. Lexana Farstrider Lexana Farstrider December 29, 2010

    Lexi Farstrider throws a snowball at your back with well-practiced ease and aim. 

    Oi like th’ snow drifts. Make’s gettin’ ’round a right adventure, it does!

  2. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs December 29, 2010

    It’s called ‘seasons,’ sir.  This, too, shall pass. *smile*

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 29, 2010

    Don’t worry Mr Dragon, it will get warm again soon! Yay!

  4. Fono Heninga Fono Heninga December 29, 2010

    Do you have a reliable heat source for the winter, Doctor? Is hibernation feasible for cold-blooded individuals? *worries*

  5. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner December 29, 2010

    well my time egg DID have a well maintained fireplace in the cave it sprouted, but since that’s gone missing, I’ve been mostly roaming the undersea tunnels as they seem moderatly heated, I suspect mammalian treachery, some hairless ape must have stolen my tme egg!

  6. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower December 29, 2010

    *murfle snuffloes hommeruus…*

    (from under a pile of snow)

    it’s not so bads once you figure out how to blow fire out of your mouth…

    *stumbles off into another snowdrift*

  7. Skyler Gant Skyler Gant December 29, 2010

    *Cup of rum in hand, half buried in snow drift, only head and hand holding the cup visible*


    Just drink lots of Rum, mate. Makes ya nice and warm inside, it does.



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