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is nowhere safe?

violet woke to the cold feel of a blade against her throat, and Eliot’s voice in her ear” my dear woman, did you think five miles of open water could keep you safe?”

the rabbit Moreau chuckled “no Eliot i did not, did you forget i sleep with a pistol?”

Eliot rolled as the ball burst through the coverlet in a flurry of down to rip its way along his ribs,

violet flung the coverlet toward him as the second shot went wide missing him completely,

“HAH you missed Violet!”Eliot taunted as he rolled out the door, a third shot ricocheting down the hall ” how many of those do you have in there Madam?’ he said as a forth was cocked,

the fourth shot ricochet over his head as he scuttled down the hall to the stair well up”AS MANY AS IT TAKES YOU BASTARD!”

the cat ran down to the bend in the hall and the safety of the stairs, as he turned to climb up, a door behind him opened and a figure entered the hall,

Eliot turned”Qismah!” the cat cursed

” yes it is, and i have a prescription for you!” she cried as she flung a hand full of glass vials at the door and stairs,

the vials shattered releasing a yellow mist that burned his skin and seared his nostrils,

holding his breath, and closing his eyes, Eliot burst through the deck hatch at the top of the stairs,

as the ocean breeze carried the gas away,the cat Moreau watched as doors all over the ship opened, and crewmen stepped through with an assortment of nasty looking weapons,

Eliot Mused to himself ‘ well this did not go well’ and rolled over the Olympians rail and into the sea,

just before hitting the water he heard Omig shout ” bring up the Maxims boys i want the sea to boil!”

minutes and several belts of ammunition later Violet, and Qismah stepped up to the rail next to Omig”you didn’t get him did you” the rabbit said flatly,

the wolf shook his head ‘ if it was anyone else I’d say they couldn’t have survive that much lead hitting the water, but Eliot?”

everyones head turned, as a steam engine chuffed to life on the other side of the ship, inciting a mad scramble to the opposite rail,

just in time to hear the sound of the launch diminish into the night.

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