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Intro to Mesh Studio, 12noon & 7pm, Builders Square

Flat faced buildings are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Mesh Studio is a very very new prim-to-mesh inworld building system that is gaining popularity with the locals. It is the easiest of the systems to use (compared to Celzium and Lumber Jack). Mesh objects have a lot of advantages over sculpts, despite possible higher land impacts, such as texture control and faster loading time. It’s up to you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each and decide what is going to work best for your projects. 

I don’t have it all worked (by any means!) but I can help you get started with:

-The difference between the object-2-mesh and object-2-joined-mesh scripts

-Uploading for optimum LOD characteristics.

I won’t be discussing the physics issues, but anyone who can after I finish my bit is welcome to pick up the lead. If you want to give it a go before buying, you’re welcome to build something during class and I can try to upload it on my account.

Come show and tell. Two times to accomodate time zones.


NOTE: you must be able to register payment information (paypal, credit card, etc) to your account to be able to use mesh building systems. Do not buy it if you are not willing or able to do that.


More information:

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