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Industrial and Architectural Photography

I would like to share a new find, the photography of Harald Finster. Good inspiration and reference, as well as art.

Steam engines:

Main page:



from the FAQ page: 

What caused your interest in industrial photography?

I am fascinated by old industrial installations since my early
childhood, when I travelled by train with my parents and
passed the steel mill at Hagen Haspe, where I could
watch the tapping of the blast furnaces.
Industry has been part of my everyday life.
One day, I noticed, that this world began to change
rapidly and was in danger to disappear.
I started photographic documentation.


We are kindly requesting you to make your best quotation for following materials (long specification follows)

Sorry, I am not in the position to deliver 10.000 tonnes of coke per
year to India or to install a huge cooling tower in Russia.
I take photographs of industrial installations. Construction and
operation should be done by those, who know better than I how to do it

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