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in world boxing

I’m looking for advice, if anyone knows where I can find a decent in-world boxing game.

I’ve found a free one (each punch seems like a pusher instead, Gizzy just about sent me into the vernian)

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  1. Mr Underby Mr Underby August 12, 2010

    Hmm, I don’t know either, but we could have used that last night.  Quite a fight in front of the Bucket of Blood last night.

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 12, 2010

    thanks, I’ll check it out.

    just seemed to me, boxing was a very popular pastime back in the day, so had been considering setting up my ring

  3. Kaylee Frye Kaylee Frye August 13, 2010

    I remember checking out a few different boxing things a while back and not really liking any of them.  Hopefully some new ones have been made since then.

  4. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk August 13, 2010

    there are some impressive wrestling animations, but can’t say i’ve seen boxing, other than a few rock’em sock’em AO stands.

  5. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 13, 2010

    yeah, that’s about what I’m running into, plenty of rings and gloves, very little animations aside from stands im not that impressed with, Tepic’s actually didn’t look that bad, but the price, yeesh, that’s more than I pay for land

  6. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra August 13, 2010

    There is a DCS fist fighter available as a freebie. It’s not much good without DCS though, and the anims are pretty basic.

  7. Elilka Sieyes Elilka Sieyes August 13, 2010

    I’ve never really seen a boxing system I liked.  :(

  8. Clara Corryong Clara Corryong August 14, 2010

    I’d like to see some ladies boxing just so ah can win something for once…. ah’m terrible at most things but ah’m good at fighting. hmmmm…. that might be an interesting sport. Urchin Boxing, like hobo fighting mixed with Beyond Thunderdome cage match. Two urchins enter One urchin leaves… the other leaves slightly later after they wake up/stop crying

  9. Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo August 20, 2010

    I have been looking for a good boxing system for some time. It has been a long time dream to have bare knuckle boxing in New Babbage.

  10. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk August 20, 2010

    There’s an interesting freebie at Animations sim called “sloppy fighter”

  11. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 20, 2010

    ok, i’ve checked out the boxing anim (by myself!) and it looks quite good.  the one i found first is for events, the systems can be bought individually.  They have a boxing ring set up, so you can try it out for free, which is nice.  Have a look here, and go to the Boxing section….

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