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If It’s Not One Thing It’s Everything Else

Feeling the heat finally spreading around the Sun Gear office Eloise put the last of her things away and sat at the desk to see what had developed while she was away putting out Audrey’s many fires back home in Stonebridge. Her tray was quite full, ominously.

There were some receipts from the Chandlery, Dee had left a copy of the new Cheese Shop menu and a note to be wary of some of the seasonal offerings at the new Chocolate shop next door, a dossier from Dollianna detailing interesting bloodstain and powder burn data from the laundry along with her usual bizarre hypotheses ‘explaining’ it all, and a cryptic partial field report from a normally reliable urchin stating, “Audrey sighted. Repeatedly. Involved in some sort of shell game linked to a credit scandal; may be in real trouble this time. Major Sole can’t stay out of the bars and can’t keep his mouth shut; may have been made already. Theodore spotted lurking near Bookworm’s; Beryl drew blood. Oh, and Chase keeps showing up, asking for you. Nothing really interesting…”

Eloise looked down at her shaking hand reaching for ‘that drawer’ and pulling out the nearly full bottle of Jameson’s, and muttered, “Nothing interesting… why did I come back here?”


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