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I need a new plan…

My depression lately has gone way too far. I actually got to speak to Dr Sonnerstein and I almost made a complete bungle of the whole thing. I found out that Dr Lionheart is incapacitated and I started to get worried, but I can still speak to Mr Harvey. So why did I suddenly get one of my attacks? I have a plan now and I’ll stick to it, but…

I seem to be weaker than I was. The attacks are so easy to have now that if someone even mentions certain things, I can go into one. This is not how I used to act. This is not professional. Arnold is right. Arnold is ALWAYS right. He’s my voice of reason and I should start listening to him. (If you read this Arnold, feel free to laugh. I know you’ll find the comparison overly humorous.)

So, after a night of sleeping alone and thinking almost the whole time, I have come to this conclusion. I will pick myself up. I will not flag anymore. I will see Mr Harvey if it kills me. I have to get things working. For Thaddeus, for everyone I love that believed in me, and lastly for us. I want to take care of Arnold and myself and by gum, I will. I realized last night that Arnold would follow me to Hell and back. That is something that is not to be taken lightly. He is more than my assistant, he is my best friend. I’ve been letting him down before, but no more.

I have new drive. I have a new walk. I will hold my head high and I will succeed. Soon.

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