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i don’t think i am very well…..

With my new gun i went down to the graveyard behind Mr Footman’s place, cus i had heard there were zombies wandering around in there, and i know Evie gets scared easy… Well, it were true, they was there, so i stood at the top of the stairs an potted a few, though there were an awful lot of em.  I could feel Evie nearby, an she weren’t happy bout the zombies lurching about, an think she was happy i was there to protect her.

It were strange though, there were a slight fog about, it was quite sunny, but i was feeling a bit cold, more like it were winter, with snow on the ground, so i headed back to my place.  I had some nice hot vole stew, an curled up under me blankets, but it were no good, i still felt cold an couldn’t stop shivering….. me skin were turning white!

Slept some, but when i woke, some of me skin had broke, an there was blood on me blankets, hadda wet it down ter unstick it from me face….  i had a long cut over me tummy, so i got out some thread an a needle an did me best to sew meself up.  It wern’t too bad, cus fer some reason it didn’t hurt when i put the needle in, though the thread tickled when i pulled it tight!  Couldn’t do much bout me leg, or the stuff on me face, but least i wern’t leaking as much.

I was still cold, so headed into the city to find somewhere to warm up, an sat by a nice forge for a bit.  Didn’t really help, an some people saw me an kinda screamed…  even that woulda been alright, but some of em had guns, and fired at me!  i aint done nothing to them, so dunno why they gotta do that, an i had even left me gun back at me camp, so couldn’t even fire back.  So i scarpered an hid up in Urchins Alley, where it’s been quiet fer some time.

Ain’t really bothered by the cold now, but feel a bit peckish…. strange, since i ate a lot only a while back, that vole stew…. vole…. voles…… i want voles……  VOLES!!!!!!

01 Standing Guard

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