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-Hyde Writes- It wasn’t just a ghost story!

-Found slipped under the door of the Public Relations Building at the Guild of Technology, Science, and The Arts-

Hey cabbits. You said you wanted something weird?

I was over at the opium den last night and all the owner would talk about was some weird ghost that’s been plaguing his business for who knows how long. The bloke was horrified the patrons might wake it or something, so naturally I was inclined to have a look myself. Of course, I had to go in after hours, when the owner wasn’t looking. Easy enough. The bloke ran off after crying about his former employer (Wasn’t paying too much attention, you’ll have to ask the man yourself) and I didn’t see him when I came back.

Up I went to the top of the building with only a lantern and a hip flask, just to peek in and see the thing. Nothing. Waited an hour or so. Still nothing. I was just about to fall asleep up there when I hear this singing coming from inside the room from out of nowhere. Couldn’t see the damn thing at first, just heard singing…

Until this bloody monster pops in out of thin air and starts yelling at me in Chinese. That thing. Looked like some sort of mangy, badly dressed corpse whose skin was literally white as a sheet. No clue what he was talking about. Knee jerk reaction, I started yelling back.

And then the damned thing tried to rip my skin off.

I had to run across the wood planks to the urchin hideout just to get away from that thing! ! Probably going to have to buy another lantern, definitely going to need a new hip flask. I got to see the thing, good for me. Now you two deal with it!!!

The den is called ‘The Red Dragon’. The owner goes by Mr. Lee (might have misspelled his name). Don’t tell him I’ve been in the building while he was out.

Ed Hyde

PS. Don’t go telling Jekyll about my misadventure either. He already knows. I don’t need to be chastised about it again.

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  1. Zaros Xue Zaros Xue July 30, 2015

    Dear Mr. Hyde,

    Thank you for your letter regarding Mr. “Lee’s” ghost problem, it sounds like you were right to contact us so hastily. While The Guild is not yet up and running in its entirety we will still be able to investigate and hopefully do something about this spectre, should it truly exist.

    Of course given that you were breaking and entering private property I would hope that you have abstained from telling anyone besides myself and Dr. Jekyll about your adventure. Please keep what you saw a secret as any public interest could interfere with our investigation.

    I would also suggest you keep your distance from the scene until we have had an opportunity to properly search the area ourselves. Although somehow I get the feeling you’re not likely to return anytime soon. Send Dr. Jekyll my regards and remind him to report any ‘exotic’ patients to us, as per our agreement.

    Thanks again,

    Guild Leader Zaros Xue

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