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His Metier is to be confusing – Tepic and the Ghost

Tepic was wandering along the Portside, playing his flute when he saw the faint figure of the ghost Metier coming the other way. Feeling in a happy mood, and in no way put out that his efforts previously to settle the ghost had come to naught, he greeted the apparition with a cheerful hello.

The next few minutes were as confusing as usual when in conversation with the ghost, though there were some interesting bits. Tepic was quite pleased when the ghost admired his armour, he seemed to think it was good to keep trying, even if it didn’t always work – odd, because that was quite the conclusion Tepic had been coming to himself… He did mention Shields of Faith a couple of times, even asking the boy what he had faith in, which Tepic thought quite an odd question. Being quite small, he guessed he had faith that voles were voles, you couldn’t rely on a winning marbles streak to keep going, and that things would work out, probably… It wasn’t something you could say to the ghost though, because he was … well… a couple of ounces short of a pound. So instead, he offered to play a tune to the ghost, after all, the ghosts in the graveyard liked the music..

After he had finished, the ghost told him he could help Mr Arnold back home, which was good news, because Mr Arnold was a friend, even though he was down in the dumps so much of the time. Mr Metier also said he was having a meeting later, far past Tepic’s bedtime, something about all the people who wanted the ghost gone. He seemed to include Tepic in that group, he obviously hadn’t understood…. It seemed to Tepic that people wouldn’t want to go to a meeting with him, as other meetings had ended rather badly, to which the ghost replied that it hadn’t been his intention to hurt or kill anyone, it just tended to happen round him!

Tepic played some more music, and the ghost told him his spirit had been claimed by the City and the Dark Aether, and he had to make a choice between them, and according to Metier he had chosen the City. Tepic was a little skeptical about that, more so when the ghost started to spout the sort of stuff Doctor Sonnerstein babbled about when he was near the machines, about nothing mattering, and then said some lines from one of those plays Shakespove wrote, from one of the Bloody Plays. Tepic preferred the one about the fairies and the man being turned into a donkey, but of course the ghost wasn’t going to agree.

The ghost did say before he walked off that if nothing matters, then the fact that nothing matters is in and of itself a fact that doesn’t matter, which made Teoic laugh, as it sounded as it the bloke was arguing round in circles so he would vanish up his own…. assumption!

As the ghost wandered away, Tepic lifted his flute to his lips and played. It was good he could help Mr Arnold, and as for the rest of it, there was always hope, the hope it wouldn’t be as bad as it looked, the hope that things would work out, the hope it would get better, and possibly even the final hope that it wouldn’t hurt too much.. You couldn’t worry about these things too much, better to play, and enjoy the day!

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein December 1, 2011

    ::giggles:: Assumption

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