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He’s Back!

Orpheus walked out of the New Babbage Pneumatic Tube Station, having forgotten the second journal that needed to be sent to his colleague. As he left the building, he saw two gentlemen talking down by the port. He did not mean to eavesdrop, but he couldn’t help it. One of the

gentlemen resembled an anthropomorphic horse, not unlike Professor Lionheart, but it wasn’t the professor.


The other man had a sinister vibe coming from him. After a moment, Orpheus knew where he had seen this man before. It was Jason Moriarty! He was back in New Babbage after nearly a year on the run. Orpheus had to find out what was happening; he had to find out why Moriarty was back in town. He approached the men.


[11:59] Jason Moriarty: I do admire the Babbage Nights, so peaceful this time of year.

[11:59] Orpheus Angkarn tips his hat. “Good day”

[11:59] Jason Moriarty: Good day to you also sir.

[11:59] Wes Franklin: Hello there Sir. How are you this evening?

[12:00] Orpheus Angkarn: “I don’t believe we’ve met. I am Mr. uhhh….. Shackleford,” he lied.

[12:00] Jason Moriarty: It always feels like the calm before the storm this time of year.

[12:00] Jason Moriarty: The name is Moriarty, delighted I’m sure.

[12:01] Wes Franklin: Ah, I’m Wes Franklin. It’s nice to meet you both.

[12:01] Orpheus Angkarn: Nice to meet you… Moriarty was it? And you Mr. Franklin

[12:01] Orpheus Angkarn: I haven’t seen you around town before. What brings you to New Babbage Mr. Moriarty?

[12:02] Jason Moriarty: Oh I am an old resident of this town. I was born here, but as one does, you move away on business.

[12:03] Jason Moriarty: I have been back a while now in preparation for my latest business venture.

[12:03] Wes Franklin: Ah, I myself have visited Babbage many times. I even have a modest dwelling in the Academy district.

[12:04] Jason Moriarty: Oh yes, the academy where all the brightest minds reside. That’s what makes New Babbage so… desirable.

[12:06] Wes Franklin: Ah interesting.

[12:06] Jason Moriarty: The brutish amongst the towns folk would have you think the Navy was new Babbage’s greatest asset, but I do believe it’s those great minds that bring forth such innovations that could change the world, such as those of the 13.

[12:06] Wes Franklin: Ah, I agree

[12:07] Orpheus Angkarn tries to act as if he doesn’t recognize mention of the 13.

[12:07] Jason Moriarty: Although from what I understand, the 13 has nothing what so ever to do with the academy. Would I be correct?

[12:07] Orpheus Angkarn: I am in agreement with you there as well…. Brains over brute strength any day I always say….

[12:08] Wes Franklin: I believe so, Moriarty.

[12:08] Orpheus Angkarn mumbles, “mmmm…. brains…..”

 [12:08] Wes Franklin: Whatever this 13 is.

[12:09] Jason Moriarty: It is a shame, they would bring so much to the table of  understanding.

[12:09] Orpheus Angkarn changes the topic. “So, are you in town long?”

[12:09] Orpheus Angkarn begins to cough.

[12:10] Orpheus Angkarn: Oh, excuse me. I seem to be coming down with something

[12:10] Jason Moriarty: I plan to be a permanent resident. I just have to get some items of business in order with my new venture then I should be set up for the rest of my long long life.

[12:10] Jason Moriarty: Oh, well you should get that seen to by Watson or some doctor.

[12:11] Orpheus Angkarn: And what is this business venture you speak of? Sounds lucrative.

[12:11] Jason Moriarty chortles with a grin.

[12:12] Jason Moriarty: A businessman never gives away his secrets too early in a business venture.

[12:12] Wes Franklin: Ah…

[12:12] Jason Moriarty: I’m sure you will no doubt hear about it soon.

[12:12] Jason Moriarty: I do believe I should retire for the evening. I hope you don’t mind.

[12:13] Orpheus Angkarn: Not at all. Good luck with your business venture. What could possibly go wrong?

[12:13] Jason Moriarty: If you are going to be at this season’s festivities, such as the barrel race and fleet week, perhaps I shall see you there. Good night gentlemen.

[12:14] Orpheus Angkarn: Yes, I am sure we shall see each other soon.

[12:14] Orpheus Angkarn: Good bye Moriarty.

Jason Moriarty turns and walks off in the opposite direction, towards the Port.

[12:14] Orpheus Angkarn looks to make sure the coast is clear. “You know who that was right?”

[12:22] Wes Franklin: Yes I do; Professor Moriarty.

[12:23] Orpheus Angkarn whispers “He is villain ‘Numero Uno’ here. He’s very dangerous. Do be careful”

[12:24] Wes Franklin: Well I’ll keep an eye on him. Don’t worry I will.

Orpheus broke into another fit of coughing. When he looked up, Mr. Franklin was gone. Something was not right. He did need to go see a doctor, but that would reveal his secret. He had been fine up until his stakeout at the museum. “Could something at the museum have

made him sick?” he thought. No time to worry about that. He had to alert the authorities to Moriarty’s return. He rushed back inside the tube station, grabbed a stack of papers and began scribbling the same message on each before dropping them into the different tubes.


The message read, “Urgent – J.M. sighted in Port Babbage – Caution is advised.” He then pulled an aetheric radiophone from his pocket and began repeating the message to anyone who would hear the transmission. When he was satisfied that the message had been received

by someone, he ran back to the museum to pick up the journal he had left behind.


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