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He’s Back: a Dinosaur Story

The procession of clanks had brought the cat and plank bunny to the mine, where they had built the Geneticomobulator from the blueprints coded in their cognigators.  After making sure the Plank Bunny was secured to a chair, where she could not hit them with the deadly plank.  They shoved the cat into the chamber.  

The waiting mecharaptor watched, not having been configured for science, it didn’t know exactly what the spheres were doing, or why they needed a cat, or why they seemed so concerned over the rabbit, or how any of this would bring the Raptor back. But it wasn’t configured to ask questions, just to do the grunt work, so it didn’t ask.

As the droids scrambled around activating the machine and making the final adjustments, bolts of energy shot from the conductors in the chamber and locked onto the Cat.  As he was helt in the current, twitching, the aetheric energy worked on extracting the non-native DNA that somehow had stayed in the Cat’s system.  The genetic material was extracted and collected before being sent to the generation platform.  

the droids watched as the meter went up while the genetic collector increased.  The fact the cat still had carried the Raptor’s DNA in his bloodstream was an unseen fluke, #001 would have been shocked when the detectors found the traces in the cat, rather than the wreckage of the Klaw or MechaRex, if it were capable of surprise,  instead it had set out an alarm and sent the others on their mission to locate and capture the cat.  The rabbit somehow had been wrapped into those plans as well for some reason #001 forgot, and a cupcake #001 wasn’t so sure what they were supposed to do with. Likely the rabbit was for the Raptor’s big welcome back feast, growing back from your own molecular DNA is hungry work afterall and it wasn’t clear the Cat would survive the extraction, since the drones weren’t sure what it did exactly when they built it.

The machine ‘pinged’ when the collector was refilled, the regenerator platform started humming as it activated, a mass of energy collecting at it’s center. As the humming got louder, the energy started flaring up.  The droids watched.  One of the mecharaptors looked up as it heard a commotion up the tunnels and went to investigate, the spheres continued making fine adjustments as the energy built up.  The humming reached a pitch as the energy suddenly exploded with a blast. As it faded, the reptillian face emerged.  

Doctor Dinosaur felt himself all over “good good, I’m not a cat, excellent….where the heck am I and when did I build the geneticombobulator?”  One of the sphere’s helpfully beeped and the Raptor waved it aside “No matter, I see you somehow got the Cat, and a second course” he looked at the Bunny, “good, because I’m starving.”   

As he approached the chamber the cat was trapped in, his head snapped up hearing the sounds of fighting and smashing metal. “dammit, no time for a meal, I’ll just have to find and eat you later.”  He grabbed one of the sphere’s and hit the button on it’s side as it started shaking and humming and with a burst of energy ans the smell of burning quills, they dissappeared.







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