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Hard at work drinking sake on a cold winter day

Karisa looks out at the falling snow from inside the command bridge of the craft as works set about installing the various components and systems. Progress has been on a steady track despite the cold winter’s bite, but it was nice and warm inside the ship due to the magnetically shielded plasma conduits flowing overhead.

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  1. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska November 30, 2010

    I imagine that you are drinking nice pots of hot sake.  But when it’s cold, it’s best.  Dress in a warm muffler and let that chilly stuff hit your tongue!

  2. Queer Hermit Queer Hermit November 30, 2010

    My My…It seems that I have won over a convert to the Edo sake that Father sent me.  I hope I have enough to last us through the holidays Miss Fenstalker…smiles happily and refills her traveling flask.

  3. Karisa Fenstalker Karisa Fenstalker December 1, 2010

    grins softly “Ah, yes you did and it sure warms more than just the body, dear Miss Hermit. Now if I would of remembered to bring my pipe with me, then I would of been very content.

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