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happy tenth, mainland.

i think the most remarkable thing about second life is that it exists at all, and that it is still here.


and i don’t think anyone knows why.

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  1. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh June 4, 2013

    I think his opening statement says a lot about why.  This is arguably the largest artist’s colony in the world, awash in creative people who not only can create art for their own sake, but can collaborate with others who they would not in a millions years otherwise have met, and in ways which would not be possible in any other medium.


  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk June 4, 2013

    i think he nails it for saying it is an entertainment medium. i know a lot of people still don’t want to hear that.

    • Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh June 4, 2013

      It absolutely is that.  The closest thing to The Matrix so far.

    • Pilipo Underwood Pilipo Underwood June 5, 2013

      It’s a game! No, it’s a dessert topping! No, it’s for building! No, it’s for scripting! No, it’s for artistic inspiration, the cyberspace wherein live legions of Muses.


      First life is for people that cannot handle Second Life.

          • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs June 15, 2013

            *holds up a sign that says ‘Dirty Skunk Season’*

          • Nathan Adored Nathan Adored June 16, 2013

            Fidler crab season!!!  :D :D :D

      • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs June 15, 2013

        Tom: I think it’s a strapless evening gown!

        Crow: You think everything is a strapless evening gown!

        Tom: I just think they’re neat.

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