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Happy New Year! and a small vid to say thanks

It’s at this point most people in New Babbage notice i dissapear not to be seen untill October. That is because i have my Escapades Island to manage and i haven’t yet learnt how to manage being at both places at once. During october to december, Escapades like wise never see’s me!

I will try and tie the two together somehow this year meaning perhaps stories in New Babbage might end up crossing over to Escapades, not quite sure on how that might work yet :-p

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Dark Aether Falls, it was the final chapter and even though i  have said i will not being doig an RP next year that does not mean i wont be creating something else. Doing the Dark Aether took alot out of me and i had to sacrifice a few projects because as is the case with free form RP and transmedia, things can get quite big and unexpected quite quickly XD. 

New Babbage is as big and strong as ever, i really encourage others to hold RP’s. They dont have to be huge 4 month long affairs :).

Some ideas…

Cludo, why has’nt anyone done an SL version of Cludo yet, it could be organised at one of New Babbages famous partys or balls, we seem to have so many of those :)

Site Specific theatre. Some times RP encounters end up just being site specific theatre for those who watch the story unfold from the side. So a steampunk story could be enacted by a group of actors for tourists, audience memebers to enjoy one evening. 

Babbage Olympics. with steampunk specific events such as penny farthong racing and Dwarf tossing. 


Anyway, the end of 2011 was a great time in New bababge, here is a short video to say thanks

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon January 2, 2012

    Thank you Loki. I certainly recognised some familiar characters from the sketches, including the wonderful story teller from Escapades. I think I still have some porridge in my ears from that encounter. ^_^

    I would say that the work you did on the Dark Aether puts you in the position of a professional games developer for Second Life, this is serious stuff and way beyond my pottering at the power station.

    I’m already looking forward to what you have planned next, both in New-Babbage and Escapades. If there is a way to build an event between the lands then I’m certain you will be the one to make it work.

    *bows to Loki* 

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk January 2, 2012

    i’d like to go to more story hours at escapades. the special effects were great.

  3. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh January 2, 2012

    We are all the more fortunate that the kid in you manages to break out so often.  It greases the doorways of our own escapes.

    Thank you, Loki Eliot.  :)

    And Happy New Year to ya!



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