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Group Portraits for Clergy and Messenger Corps

I was the winner of Junie Ginsburg’s offering at the citizen auction, and she has agreed to do 2 portraits for me. I would like to get all the clergy for a painfully stiff amd formal class photo, and then all the messengers for something less formal. I don’t know who all of you are and I suspect all of the alts concerned to not check messages, so I will raise the flag here.

When is a good time? 

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  1. Gilhooly Skute Gilhooly Skute July 2, 2012

    I can make time, if it’s after 4PM SLT weekdays. Just need a little notice.

  2. Brother Napoltler Brother Napoltler July 2, 2012

    Just let me know when the time will be. I will do my best to be present.

  3. Claudius StGermaine Claudius StGermaine July 3, 2012

    I’m available any week Monday-Thursday 6pm slt to 11pm usually. Just say when and I’ll make an effort to be there. And congratulations on the auction win.

  4. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis July 3, 2012

    I will announce a date as soon as I hear that Junie is ready for us. It may be next week due to the American holiday this Wednesday. 

  5. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis July 10, 2012

    Let’s do it this Thursday. 7:00 pm for the messengers, and 7:30 pm for the clergy, at the grounds in Babbage Square. 

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