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Grimm Ball pictures

Pictures from the Grimm Ball of last Saturday are posted at


I had system issues, so not as many, unfortunately.  (Or fortunately, if you think I take too many. *grin*)  Also, all pictures with the Baron were taken by him.  His muzzle simply refused to rez for me. *sigh*

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  1. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver April 21, 2011

    Dear Book

    I want to personally thank YOU yet again, for this month’s wonderful photos .. We have worked together for years now and YOU never make me feel guilty or wrong for having a vision .. thank YOU for proving that to me *yet again* with your Beautiful captures of and for all ..

    But most of all Thank YOU from the center of heart, Once again, For reminding me , Piermont Landing is  still a very good and quite special Place…  :)

    Indeed, Industry Marches On , it also Dances as it continues to give and does so from it’s heart each and every Month under the always full Second Life Moon .. 

    Hope to See  all  @ (( my personal favorite Ball of all ))

     The Robber Barons  Ball / Jail and Bail  Next Month, May 21st  !!

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