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Grave matters wanted

I should first say if there’s already an area like this, for memorials, just let me know. I’m so busy guarding my valuables from urchins, it’s hard to risk lifting up my head and looking around :)

That said, there was mention at the pub crawl of a place named after an RL typist who has moved on to Third Life. That got me thinking. I’m renting a cemetery in Academy from the land auction and plan to hold on to it for a bit. If there’s a marked grave that really should be there, to honor an RP character or someone else, I’m very open to hosting the grave. If it’s about an RL person or even an RP figure, the grave could be a notecard giver that explains their significance. 

If you have a reasonably tasteful or at least period marker with the name of someone who you’d like to come mourn (or whose grave you’d like to pee on) in roleplay, please pass it to gauisartephiusserpente resident and I can see if there’s room. Limit would be a couple prims. 

If you have an alpha with some wording, I can put it on an existing or new stone.

If you just have good intentions … no stone or texture but wording you’d like to see on a marker ;) … drop a notecard on gauisartephiusserpente and I’ll ask Lily to font it up nicely for a stone.

Again, this is an offer for names where the roleplay has been played out and would have some meaning to the overall Babbage community.

If you’d like to RP a service in the chapel to explain a burial or re-burial from another location, all the better. Both a minister and gravedigger are available for all ranges of services, from sacred to profane. We prefer the profane because we love yucks, but I can find a ‘real’ minister too.

Suggestions welcome … if there’s already something in this vein somewhere, just lemme know.

Occurs to me .. if you have a stone that is no trans, and you can’t give it to me, then you could put it down in the cemetery if you have build rights. I may just ask you to move it, depending on the overall cemetery design.

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  1. The Undertaker The Undertaker July 7, 2013

    I would be pleased to offer my services as well, should you have need of them.

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