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Grand Tour of the Steamlands – This Weekend!

Hey, folks! I’m only just finding out about this myself, but apparently the Nevermore Ball this Saturday is part of a yearly Grand Tour of the Steamlands, with events scheduled throughout the weekend. Here’s the schedule as I know it, and I think (I *think*) you can get a notecard with landmarks from the Nevermore Ball poster at Piermont Landing. If/when I get the landmarks myself, I’ll add them in here. Hope to see at least some of you at at least some of them!




5am-7am Al Andalus Alhambra; The beautiful palaces of 13th century Moorish Spain is hosting a music festival featuring Joaquin Gustav’s flamenco guitar and the amazing percussion group DRUM! Also the beginning of the All Aboard Grand Tour Photo contest, sponsored by Al Andalus! Pick up the rules here. Flamenco or Arab dress encouraged!


7am-9am Tuliptree: Hobo Haven Jungle Grand Opening sponsored by the Virtual Rail Consortium, with Hobo and train music played by DJ Callipygian Christensen. Come and learn the history of rail at this wonderful build, and see what the Consortium is doing in SL. Hobo costumes… or whatever you have!


9am-11am Steam SkyCity: Sparking Gears Ball. Romance among the Robots! Clanks and Automatons are invited to come and greet the day, with dancing and prizes for best avatars.


11am-1pm Winterfell: Revelry on Reverie. Love and Devotion music, in beautiful Winterfell, with DJ Gabrielle Riel.



1pm-3pm Antiquity: Celebrating the “All Aboard” theme, various sims and factions through Antiquity have donated something that makes them special or unique: food, guards, art, etc to celebrate the diversity Antiquity has to offer.



3pm-6pm Seraph City: A city representing the era “between the world wars, presents music and dance with Edward Pearse, at the Seraph City Club, the classiest club in Seraph City.



6pm-9pm New Babbage: Piermont Landing presentsThe Never More Midnight Blue Ball Saturday including a Creative Steampunk Cage Building Contest. ( After all, do you think we are going to cage Ravens or they going to Cage YOU ?) Dress is formal, midnight blue of course, and there are prizes!



9pm-11pm Caledon’s Oxbridge Village: Thistle Hill Marketplace, a cozy collection of shops featuring Victorian era Steampunk gadgetry, original artworks, and much more, hosts a dance at Alley Cat Alley, with a theme of cats and other night animals, with DJ Poppy.

11pm-1am New Toulouse: DJ Gabriel Riel takes the party to crescendo with “Don’t Throw Mama From The Train: Jazz and Blues in late night. Theme is trains and travel and 1920’s dress appropriate!


7am-9am Seraph City: Hold the Front Page! The Primgraph Office Grand Opening in Seraph City includes dancing and a murder mystery! Journalistic attire will get you in the proper frame of mind!

9am-11am New Babbage: Brunel Hall Academy Pop over to the steamlands largest and most luxurious hotel for dancing and general frivolity as Victor1st Mornington takes you through a tour of the chart topping hits from 1950’s all the way to the 1980’s.Steampunk attire is a New Babbage standard.

11am-1pm Clos Normand: The Consulate of Europa welcomes the Tour as Duke Otenth Paderborn regales us with tales from the rails, high above the beautiful sims of Côte d’Fleurie.

1pm-3pm Armada Breakaway: Celebrating the second anniversary during the Grand Tour with a dance! There will be rum and pirates and ladies in their finest gowns. Join us as we ring in another year of mayhem!

3pm-5pm Steelhead: This Steampunk/Victorian Town set in the late 1800’s in the Pacific Northwest, Washington Oregon territories brings their original flavor to the Grand Tour! Join DJ Fuzzball Ortega to see what this year has in store.

5pm -7pm Steeltopia: Rounding out the tour in the Pneumatic Revolution Lounge,DJ SteelCobra Calamari hosts the Super Spy vs Super Villain Dance. Come as a Super Spy, Villain or henchman, let’s make Mr Bond and Goldfinger proud! A wide variety of spy tunage to be played.

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  1. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver February 17, 2011


    See Ya All On The  Rail ..  This Baby is a Local !!!!!! 


    I was going to post this on here but have waited  for Rose Springvale and Myself

    to iron out  all the final details (( done at 2am this am *smiles*)) with 15 different locations and venues it has been a blast working with all the delightful characters !!

    Each of these 15 Events promises to be quite Special !!!!! 

    Thank YOU Book for indeed ,Yes that is the final list of 15 events .. But for those that do not know what the grand tour is !

                                        ….“All Aboard Grand Tour”….
    After 9 month hiatus, The Grand Tour returns to second life! The “All Aboard Grand Tour” will be Saturday and Sunday, February 19 and 20, 2011. The tour includes 15 different Locations with a theme of trains and transportation.

    The Grand Tour began in 2008 as a positive expression after some unpopular decisions by Linden Lab left many residents discouraged. A few people got together and created the marathon event. The All Aboard Grand Tour is the fifth tour. The creator of the event, Fogwoman Gray, summarizes the purpose, which had become the motto of all grand tours: “To bring all nations and groups together to demonstrate why we stay and what is important.

    The tour this year includes exciting new events including music festivals, mysteries and even a hobo ball. The full schedule is listed below. Landmarks are available in world, and at each venue. Everyone is invited to jump on the tour wherever and whenever they wish. All time zones should find some events that are convenient; we are looking forward to greeting both old and new friends. Co chairs, or this year’s “Gandy Dancers” Breezy Carver and Rose Springvale will be available throughout the tour to answer questions, deal with problems and keep the Grand Tour Train on track. All Aboard!

    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs February 17, 2011

      *nod*  I figured that might be the case.  But…

      Even if you don’t have everything ironed out, it’s still better to get news out earlier than later.  Otherwise, people make other plans (RL or SL), and then are disappointed that they can’t make these events.  Just letting us know it was in the works, once you were reasonably firm that something was going to happen, would have helped.

      Something to keep in mind for next time. *smile*

  2. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer February 17, 2011

    Sunday’s Primgraph offices grand opening *may* change dates, to avoid some piling up of various events – but I will be sure to post here any changes, and as always, any Primgraph news should be easy to find at our blog, 

    There’s a lot going on and all of it will be fun!   We will keep up on the social flurries, because weare Just That Intrepid! 

    Edit:  time is firm!  I’d delete this comment if I could!  *laughs*

  3. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska February 17, 2011

    Hooray! [working evenings for a few months IRL].  Events in the ante-meridian that I can attend!  Well, Major Oldrich will attend the Clanky one…

  4. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs February 18, 2011

    OK, landmarks have been added!

  5. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver February 18, 2011

    Looks up and smiles .. thank YOU Dear Book .. thank YOU soo much !! :)

  6. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs March 1, 2011

    OK, last time I’m spamming you all…with this, at least.  Promise!


    All of my pictures from the Grand Tour are now available for viewing:

    Al Andalus Alhambra:



    Seraph City:

    New Babbage:

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