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Grand Opening of the Asylum 4-6 SLT

The new asylum is almost done and the staff is going to be throwing an opening
party.  Maddox will be debuting onto the dj scene with music that has an
unhinged or insanity theme to it.  The owner will have tools prepared so that you can see some of the disturbing ways Victorian era asylums dealt with their patients.  I’ll handle tours of the facility if anyone wants one before or afterwards, and Professor Lionheart will be…being Professor Lionheart when he can make it.  Friday appears to be the only day
this week we’ll be able to hold it, so as not to compete with
Foot-tapping Friday we’ll be holding the event 4-6 SLT.  After the event
we’ll head to FTF wherever it will be held this week.  Hope to see many
of you there.

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