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Good Riddance (Dark Aether)

Sky’s curiosity often drove her to visit the Writer these days. To her it was not even a morbid curiosity, since she did not believe that what was being written was truly the future, or possible future. She would read and reread the most recent pages, thinking about how they most likely affected those who were listed there.

Today Sky stopped by the City Hall midmorning on her way to finish up some errands. As she opened the door to the Archives her eyes looked from where the Writer usually stood to the ground where it now resided. Her head tilted as she drew nearer, kneeling down to take a closer look at the damage. All she could tell was that the damage looked purposeful.

An expression of relief crossed her face before she muttered, “Good riddance.” Sky believed it, too. This one mechanical thing was causing people to live in even more fear than the other machines and crab creatures caused. She also knew that Scottie would be happy at the news once she told him, as would Brother Lapis.


Standing up, Sky glanced at the last page that had been written. Jed’s name was there at the top. Her expression of relief turned to one of anger as her boot quickly connected with the Writer’s stand with a *clunk.* She then glared at the machine for a long while before she was pulled from her thoughts by the door opening. Mariah Lanfier stood there. After exchanging pleasantries, Sky left Miss Lanfier to examine the damage for herself.

Hissing as she stepped outside and inhaled the cold air, she wrapped her scarf more tightly around her neck and walked on to her next errand. Her thoughts raced between the Writer, the crab creatures, the Clockwinder and everything she had been discussing with her husband and Brother Lapis. She whispered to herself, “We gotta do something…now…”

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