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Gobbler and the Mirror

I have just finished writing and illustrating my latest free eBook: Gobbler and the Mirror. This story is packed with over a hundred pictures (taken in my room at New Babbage and on the streets around our beautiful town.) Best of all, it’s completely free to download from iTunes and Kobo. I’d love it if you entered my zany imagination for twenty minutes or so.



We all know that light travels incredibly quickly in a vacuum. When it passes through other media, such as water or glass, it slows down very slightly. So, just imagine what life would be like if light travelled substantially slower in glass! How would such a world look?

Professor Higgins discovered that, if you added a special crystalline compound to the manufacture of glass, you could create a new transparent substance that had the property of slowing light by a total of three hours. Just imagine looking through a window that was made of this new invention: it would be like looking three hours into the past!

A local street urchin named Gobbler accidentally stumbled into a lecture given by Professor Higgins and learnt the secret behind this new amazing substance. His life would never be the same from that moment on. Find out how Gobbler’s life changed for the worse when he found himself being framed for a theft that he did not commit and discover whether he managed to clear his name.

Maxwell Grantly reveals all in his new eBook: “Gobbler and the Mirror.”

As is common with many stories by Maxwell, everything is not what it might at first seem to be!

“Gobbler and the Mirror” is free to download from iTunes.


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