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Go-Devil Race!



Please join us at Iron Bay in New Babbage for the second annual Go-Devil race on the canals, at noon on Saturday, February 8. We’ll have a new (less complicated) course this year, and an after-party at the old Aeroworks!

Music will be provided by some Scottish bloke with a bunny on his shoulder.

Poster soon to come…







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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg February 9, 2014

    There are a number of great threads on the race already, but I thought I would make one more post to give the official results.

    First, I’ll add my hearty congratulations not only to the winners and finishers, but to everyone who participated, and my thanks for helping make this a great event this year.

    Second, I have the final list of participants, finishers and winners.  It was challenging to get everyone counted as they crossed the line on each of the three laps, so if I’ve missed anyone who finished, please let me know!


    • Spirit
    • Vernden
    • Pilipo
    • Rel
    • Jimmy
    • Jed
    • Max
    • Tepic
    • Kimika
    • Book


    • Spirit
    • Vernden
    • Kimika
    • Jimmy
    • Max


    • Spirit – 1st
    • Kimika – 2nd
    • Vernden – 3rd
    • Pilipo Underwood Pilipo Underwood February 9, 2014

      Mss Junie, I finished unless there was a timeout.

      Dead last it seems…

      • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg February 9, 2014

        Drat — I missed it!  Adding you to the list.  :-)

        Update:  well, I would add you to the list, but the Edit feature doesn’t seem to be available on my earlier comment.  We have this comment for posterity though!

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