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giving orders

Violet climbed the boarding stairs and was greeted by the Captain of the Olympian “mam what a surprise to see you back so early”

the rabbit smirked ” im a little surprised my self Walker, but a certain someone actually asked for our help and I’ve offered it”

Captain walkers look of amused shock spread mockingly across his face ” surely you don’t mean …….Her?”

the Moreau smiled broadly “yes walker i do indeed!, so here is what is needed, sail around Babbage and look for any unknown vessels, either airships or ocean going, and report their positions and activity’s to me immediately, this concerns the Prometheus problems the city is having”

walker nodded ” and if i find these vessels do i sink them?”

Violet turned back toward the steps a disgusted look crossing her face ‘ no walker the requester believes there are hostages on board, and sees their lives as being too important to loose, even if it means the loss of many more lives in the city, should Prometheus attack again, well i have much still to do ill be back tonight “

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