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Getting ready for the fall

Diary Entry – 23rd of August 188 *sound of a crashing steampowered vehicle*

*runs to the front door of the hotel*

“Oi!  You!…yes, you!  Do you mind?  I just retimbered this wall 4 weeks ago!”

*obviously dazed and concussed tourist look up and says “sorry”.*

“Dang tourists….” *walks off back to the hotel lobby*

So, another journal entry.  Its been a while since i put pen to paper.

We are now nearing the end of August and already the warm hazy fog is starting to turn a little touch chillier.  The nights are slowly creeping in more as well.  August went so fast…coming to think of it so did most of the summer.

It’s going to be September soon, the time when the trees turn golden orange and the leaves start to fall.  At least that would happen if this was Caledon or Steelhead, instead the trees here, the very few of them…are usually covered in soot or are of the evergreen variety.  The quiet season in the city where folks go out of town to visit relations living in other cities is coming to a close.  Already the summer high turn over of week long staying guests in the hotel is now starting to turn over to long term guests in the hotel, the kind of folks who stay for more than a few weeks.  Most of the folks right now seem to be new folks to the city, travelling around having a closer look as Babbage begins in earnest the headlong plunge into the dark, cold, frosty and snowy days of winter.

…about dang time too I say…the citys been a graveyard for the past couple of months!

Personally I can’t wait for the city to be under 4 feet of snow again, all this good weather is getting annoying, along with the thick hazy warm fog, i like my fog cold.

Still, preparing my places of residence for the more busier time of the year has been well worth it.  The hotel’s bar now has a thick pile carpet, thanks to a kind donation by one of Uncle McAndrews friends.  The work on the repairs and overhaul of the old clocktower is now complete and the conversion of my old photography studio to a more private holiday home for me has been well worth the extra expence of gutting the old Toll House out and completely renewing the inside of the place.

As the summer months of Babbage draws to a close, the turn of the weather in babbage will see a more familliar side of the city, gatherings in the local pubs daily, more social events and finally a chance to sit back, relax, and drag out that old wintertime wardrobe…

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