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Found but still lost

Lilith groans as she is woken by tapping on the window to her hidden trolly home, wondering what time it was she slips out of bed and stumbles to the door, mumbling in pain as she looks to see Wisp, he had a frantic look on his face as she opens the door “yes wisp?” She asks softly.


Wisp pulls out his book and shows the sketch of a hat then of Beryl, which caused Liliths eyes to snap open as she grabs her walking stick and pushes past him “show me show me where you saw him” She had known somthing was up lately but news was sometimes hard to get to her since she had gone to be partialy a recluse her back bothering her alot more these days.


As wisp lead her back to the bridge where he found the hat she knelt down and picked it up, sniffing at it she knew the scent old but it was Beryls, a look of concern on her face” where is he… he would not leave this.. wisp we got to find him, we should let Tepic know, and Kasa, as well as anyone else who might be of help.”


Wisp thinks back and pulls out his book showing a picture of Ms. Bookworm as Lilith looks unsure but nods “ok you can tell her but I am not going near her… I do not trust any adults… really cept Kasa and Beryl and a handfull others..” She rubs her back handing him the hat “Go go let Kasa know first then handle it from there.” She says softly before turning back and makeing her way home.


Wisp takes a look to the hat and tucks it in his cloak before heading to Bunny Tower to go see Kasa. A worried look on his face as he made sure to leave a note where he knew Tepic would find it in the right places.

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